Who We Are

MEET emerged from the shared experiences of Marc and Sara Schiller, who realized that there was a need for meeting expertise to produce creative business meetings for executives. Our clients gather to re-invent their business, re-design a product, or pitch potential business.  We’ve won many loyal customers with our unbelievable service that allows them to simply show up, knowing that every little detail has been covered.

MEET is the meeting solutions company.  We opened our flagship location in NYC in the Fall of 2014. We've curated special spaces where we produce meetings that incorporate a remarkable experience.  We produce full service meetings at one-off locations based on the needs of our clients. 

Meet at the Apartment opened in SoHo in 2008 as the City's first luxury, full-service dedicated meeting space. Meet at the Apartment revolutionized how companies gather for strategy and brainstorming sessions with the inaugural space in SoHo, NYC. MEET customizes the space for each meeting matching brand, meeting objectives and agenda to the space. Over the course of our five years there, we hosted hundreds of clients for their strategy and brainstorming sessions, focus groups, product launches and pitch meetings. We garnered repeat business because our executives know that with MEET they will have a flawless meeting. 

Via Wooster Collective, the two share a passion for urban contemporary art and they have been making wine in New York City for years. This focus influences MEET’s partners for location and food.

Marc and Sara Schiller

Marc and Sara Schiller

MEET at the Apartment

MEET at the Apartment


Co-Founder and President, MEET At Inc. & MEET Design Studio

Co-Founder and President, MEET At Inc. & MEET Design Studio

Sara is the co-founder and President of MEET and Wooster Collective. In 2015, she assumed the role as President of Bond Strategy and Influence.

MEET is the private venue for meetings and events. The company has revolutionized the corporate meetings industry by offering full-service creative spaces for clients. MEET has one focus: produce successful, seamless and effortless meetings in unique and inspiring spaces.  In 2015, Sara co-launched MEET Design Studio which provides meeting space consultation and installation services to clients.  The goal is to bring the client’s brand to life through art and design while keeping functionality at the forefront. At the core of all of MEET’s business endeavors is the understanding that environments affect our attitude, creativity and energy levels. 

Wooster Collective, founded in 2001 by Sara and Marc Schiller, showcases and celebrates ephemeral art placed on streets in cities around the world. The Collective’s mission is to discover and document authentic art experiences via book publishing, salons, lectures, gallery shows, and online since 2003. The website showcases images, videos, and descriptive comments documenting new and interesting street art, events, and other news, as well as navigational tools for searching the site's voluminous archive. In 2006, Wooster Collective organized one of the most significant exhibitions of street art ever at an abandoned building in downtown New York. "11 Spring" was chosen by the the New York Times as one of the top art exhibitions of the year. As a global voice for street art, the Schillers have spoken at the Tate Modern, Design Indaba and The New Museum. In 2013, Wooster Collective celebrated its 10th year anniversary of the website.

Sara previously spent eight years at Starwood Hotels, most recently as the SVP of Real Estate Marketing. While at Starwood, she worked on the brand positioning for all nine brands including W Hotels, Westin, Sheraton and St. Regis. Prior to Starwood, Sara worked as a management consultant developing the strategies for Fortune 100 companies to enter the digital world. Her clients included United Airlines, MasterCard, TXU, Discovery and Spencer Stuart.

With husband Marc, the Schillers have published many books and in 2010 released “Trespass: A History of Uncommissioned Urban Art” with TASCHEN. They have been featured in The New York Times, Time Magazine, Good Magazine, among other notable publications.

Sara holds an MBA from the NYU Stern School of Business in Finance and Marketing and received her Bachelors from Bowdoin College where she volunteers as an Alumni Fund Director. She resides in downtown NYC with her daughters. 


Co-Founder, MEET At Inc.

Co-Founder, MEET At Inc.

Marc Schiller, CEO of Bond Strategy and Influence, is an accomplished executive with a wealth of industry and entrepreneurial knowledge in marketing, brand strategy, and public relations.  Foreseeing the unique marketing challenges posed by emerging technologies, Marc founded Bond Strategy and Influence in 1997 to create an agency that would re-write the book on how brands, film-makers and artists should approach marketing in the digital arena.

Under Marc's direction, Bond Strategy and Influence is now successfully consulting a broadening array of consumer products and service companies and has an in-depth expertise in marketing, distributing and producing independent films. 

Clients have included American Express, Starwood Hotels, A&E Networks, The History Channel, USA Network, Microsoft, Netflix, The Los Angeles Lakers and a host of consumer product, media and entertainment companies. 

Prior to launching Bond Strategy and Influence, Marc served for four years as Corporate Vice President of House of Blues Entertainment, Inc.  Among the many of Marc's accomplishments at House of Blues Entertainment was to create House of Blues New Media, a division of HOB established in 1993. Marc's efforts positioned House of Blues as a pioneer of music and entertainment content on the Internet.

Marc launched BOND's film distribution initiative, BOND/360, to address the fact that independent cinema is rapidly evolving and new innovative approaches for connecting films and filmmakers with audiences is desperately needed. The goal is to give filmmakers the expertise and resources to build community around their creative work through distribution and marketing, merchandising, publishing, and production services.

Marc and Bond Strategy and Influence has been profiled in Advertising Age, Business Week, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Billboard, Forbes, and many others. Marc is also a frequent featured speaker at esteemed universities including Yale Graduate School of Management and Kellogg Graduate School of Management as well as at numerous marketing and technology conferences held around the world.


Chief Concierge, MEET At Inc.

Chief Concierge, MEET At Inc.

Suzy McCormick has been the Chief Concierge for MEET since August of 2012. While running Meet At The Apartment for Marc and Sara, she oversaw every detail that ensured each guest experienced MEET's renowned and unparalleled service. 

Suzy has spent a lifetime being trained to understand the intricacies of hospitality by her parents, who owned one of the most renowned fine dining restaurants in Albany, NY for 30 years.

Suzy has her BA in Creative Writing from the University of Rochester, and earned a Masters in English Education from Hunter College through NYC Teaching Fellows. Although passionate about literature, creativity and education, she continually worked in the restaurant industry. In 2006, Suzy joined the team at BB Kings in Times Square where she trained new service staff members in addition to overseeing VIP Hospitality for the musicians and their guests.

In 2010, Suzy chose to step away from teaching to explore the culinary scene in San Francisco. There, she was the Private Events Manager for Soluna Cafe & Lounge, as well as for their sister bar, 50 Mason Social House. After two years of California living, Suzy returned to NYC to be closer to family.

what is your favorite thing about nyc?  The people. They are simultaneously awful and awe inspiring.

what is your favorite secret location in nyc? The Conservatory Garden in Central Park at 105th Street. “The Secret Garden” was one of my favorite books growing up, and you can sit in this spot on a sunny day and get a feeling for what life in NYC was like 100 years ago.

favorite food? Cheeseburgers. Hands down. And – if you go to the new Hudson Eats in Battery Park on a Sunday at 5pm, there will be no line at Umami burger, and you’ll get one as fast as they can cook it. You’re welcome.

favorite drink?  Champagne, of course!

best meeting moment? Definitely overhearing a table full of men from the Bronx & Brooklyn reading Mad-Libs style “Love Letters” to the first razor they ever used as part of a market research group. Catch me after a few glasses of wine at the end of a meeting, and I’ll re-create some real gems for you – accent and all.

worst meeting moment? Any time someone in a room is cold, when someone else is hot. It’s usually a battle of the sexes, but it’s always a battle. And, you try to please everyone, but you never can. I just smile, and count the minutes until I get to offer them wine & cheese!


Designer, MEET Design Studio

Designer, MEET Design Studio

Mari and Sara have been friends since their undergratuate days at Bowdoin College.  They have collaborated on several projects and have a complete understanding of the influence of art and design on our life and work.  She brings to MEET valuable experience from a long career in the arts, starting at Sotheby's and The School of Visual Arts, and art related commerce, representing an international museum audio tour company and a premium printing paper manufacturer.  Her love of environments led her to continue her education at the New York School for Interior Design, where she earned a degree with honors.  Her particular passion is workspace design, branded interiors, and experiential design.

what is your favorite secret location in nyc? The Veteran's Room designed by Louis C. Tiffany in the Park Avenue Armory in 1880. Sublime.

favorite food? Cuban food, in particular, the Media Noche sandwich.  I am a purist, so no pulled pork hokey pokey please.  It is ham, roasted pork (slices), swiss cheese, mustard and pickles on sweet yellow bread (a long bun) pressed on a sandwich press until the bread is crispy and the cheese is soft.  If you allow the press to melt the cheese, the bread will burn.  The best ones are in Miami. 

favorite drink?  I like beer.  Lagers.  I know it's not very highbrow or exotic.  A Stella, Carlsberg or Longboard can put a smile on my face.  But, don't get me wrong... I won't reject a flute of Kristal.

best design moment? Sometimes the magic is painting the walls with the perfect color AND perfect finish paint.  I never get tired of walking into a freshly painted room and ... Ahhh!  It's almost never white either.  Almost.

worst design moment? I lived with a semi-flush mount light fixture in a rental for 5 years.  I still don't know why?  It was abominable.  It still bothers me and I don't live there any longer.


Concierge, MEET At Inc.

Concierge, MEET At Inc.

Amanda Khiri has grown up in the hospitality industry. After being a corporate trainer for a large restaurant group based in Los Angeles, she headed east to New York in 2004 to get serious about her music and has continued to foster a love of the hospitality business, particularly concierge. "I love being focused on the client, and I love making something happen, when no one knows how I made it happen. I love to say 'YES'!"

what is your favorite thing about nyc?  My favorite thing about NYC is the rent. I like it high! Kidding, I love to people watch and being able to wear whatever I want!

what is your favorite secret location in nyc? Pre-Dawn early mornings on my bike on Manhattan Bridge. I have the city all to myself. It could be any year at all. I put on Louis Armstrong and am transported!!

favorite food? I love a great taco. My bodega in Brooklyn has tacos that are ranked in the NYT, and also in my brain.

favorite drink?  TE.QUI.LAAAAAA

best meeting moment? I have so many, but I would have to say, the surprise party we hosted was so much fun. I just like yelling. Also anytime a host is nervous at the beginning of the meeting, and then so relaxed and happy at meeting's end, I'm excited.

worst meeting moment? this is such a catch-22!! I remember one time some mechanical thing broke in the bathroom of one of our partner locations...It was less than ideal, to put it mildly!

aMaNda van nostrand

Concierge, MEET At Inc.

Concierge, MEET At Inc.

Amanda joins meet with a vibrant personality and provides MEET's signature quality service for day-to-day client meetings. She provides outstanding support in presenting direction, managing food and beverage services, providing hospitality through coat check, storing luggage, managing music, and technology assistance.

Amanda is a people-oriented team player whose contribution is invaluable to the success of our clients' meetings. Her diverse corporate background is an asset in helping her develop a thorough understanding of client needs. Amanda earned her BA from the University of Colorado in Theatre, Film and Television.