Rooftop Yoga With Views of Downtown Manhattan

Yoga & Meditation on the Roof Garden at  Meet on Bowery . (Photo Paul Rivera)


The pressures of work environments often times place increasing demands and stress on employees that lead to a drop in work performance and anxiety.

Did you know research has proven that starting a meeting with meditation or yoga can improve creativity and productivity during meetings? Studies show that yoga "opens the mind so the creative juices and energy can flow. You can't think outside the box when your brain is confined within the box." ( With that in mind we have developed Meet Breathes: a seated yoga session that you can add into your day with us.

Invite an expert instructor in to lead a seated deep breathing exercise and morning stretches to jumpstart a successful work day. For groups who want a full experience, our rooftop at Meet on Bowery is perfect for full meditation and yoga sessions.

"What makes yoga and meditation so unique is that it is beneficial to every aspect of our lives it touches.  From improving blood pressure, heart rateand energy levels in the body, to improving attention, focus, cognitive skills, and creativity in the mind, to improving mood, self-esteem, and self-acceptance in our emotional well-being— science is only beginning to scratch the surface on all of its benefits."

Employees who are refreshed and relieved of stress are able to make better decisions, be more productive, and have a more positive attitude with co-workers!


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