Jackie Garcia who joins us from Chicago has been the Chief Concierge and Hospitality Manager for MEET since February of 2017.  Jackie oversees every detail to ensure each guest experiences MEET's  renowned and unparalleled service.

Jackie has her BA in forensic science and technology. Although passionate about science, she has been working in the service industry since 2005. Over the past decade, Jackie has been trained to understand the intricacies of hospitality through managing catering and events for various hotels including the Hyatt Regency and the Wyndham hotel group. 

In 2015, Jackie chose to take on the big apple and continued to work in her expert field in events and catering. Let's get to know more about Jackie.

What is your favorite thing about NYC? My favorite thing about New York is there is always something to do and the people that come to this city makes it fun to people watch. 

What is your favorite secret location in NYC?  If I tell you my secret location, it won't be a secret anymore :) However, I will share that there is a small park on 6th Ave and Grand that is right in the middle of the Holland Tunnel entrances with tables, chairs, trees and is perfect to hid in plain site with a bottle of wine and good conversation, you don't even notice the cars.

Favorite Food? I am a foodie which is another word for someone who likes all food all the time. If I had to only pick one meal to declare my favorite it would have to be Italian.

Favorite drink? I love a good Grey Goose and Soda with a Lime but lately I have been drinking Sparkling Wine, I love the bubbles.

Something about yourself that we couldn't tell by looking at you? I love music and have been playing instruments since I was 13 years old. I can play the piano, guitar, bass, and drums. The only thing I can't do is sing which stinks because I LOVE to sing. I hope one day take lessons so I can be a one man band.

Dream Vacation? Because planning events can be stressful, I love to go somewhere where I do not have to make any decisions and I can wake up on my own accord and have no schedule to adhere too. A weekend at home with no cell phone does the trick sometimes :)