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 Sara & Marc Schiller

Sara & Marc Schiller

Marc and Sara Schiller are both founders of Wooster Collective and Meet. Meet, comprised of private venues for meetings and events, emerged from the shared experiences of the couple, who realized that there was a need for meeting expertise to produce creative business meetings for executives. The company has revolutionized the corporate meetings industry by offering full-service creative spaces for clients.

At Meet, clients gather to re-invent their business, re-design a product, or pitch potential business.  Over the course of nine years, Meet has hosted hundreds of clients and has garnered repeat business through unbelievable service and certainty that every little detail has been covered.

Meet is the meeting solutions company.  The story began in 2008 when Meet at the Apartment opened as the City's first luxury, full-service dedicated meeting space. Due to popular demand, Meet on Chrystie opened its doors in the fall of 2014, followed by a penthouse and private rooftop at Meet on Bowery in 2016. In summer 2017, the most recent Meet location opened in the heart of SoHo. 

In 2001, Sara and Marc founded Wooster Collective, which showcases and celebrates ephemeral art placed on streets around the world. The Collective’s mission is to discover and document authentic art experiences via book publishing, salons, lectures, gallery shows, and its website since 2003. 

The website showcases images, videos, and descriptive comments documenting new and interesting street art, events, and other news, as well as navigational tools for searching the site's voluminous archive. In 2006, Wooster Collective organized "11 Spring," one of the most significant exhibitions of street art ever, at an abandoned building in downtown New York.

"11 Spring" was chosen by the the New York Times as one of the top art exhibitions of the year. As a global voice for street art, the Schillers have spoken at the Tate Modern, Design Indaba and The New Museum. In 2013, Wooster Collective celebrated its 10th year anniversary of its website.

The Schillers have published many books and in 2010 released “Trespass: A History of Uncommissioned Urban Art” with TASCHEN. They have been featured in The New York Times, Time Magazine, and Good Magazine, among other notable publications.

Via Wooster Collective, the two share a passion for urban contemporary art, which has been incorporated into each of the Meet spaces. Sara and Marc have also been making wine in New York City for decades. This wine focus influenced Meet's signature complimentary wine and cheese tasting - available before, during, or after meetings. 


Sara, who is a small town girl, is the co-founder and President of Meet and Wooster Collective

In 2015, Sara co-launched Meet Design Studio which provides meeting space consultation and installation services to clients.  The goal is to bring the client’s brand to life through art and design while keeping functionality at the forefront. 

Prior to starting Meet, Sara spent eight years at Starwood Hotels, most recently as the SVP of Real Estate Marketing. While at Starwood, she worked on the brand positioning for all nine brands including W Hotels, Westin, Sheraton and St. Regis. Prior to Starwood, Sara worked as a management consultant developing the strategies for Fortune 500 companies. Her clients included United Airlines, MasterCard, TXU, Discovery and Spencer Stuart.

Sara holds an MBA from the NYU Stern School of Business in Finance and Marketing and received her Bachelors from Bowdoin College.

Let's get to know Sara a bit better.  

  Co-Founder and President,  Meet At  Inc. &  Meet  Design Studio

Co-Founder and President, Meet At Inc. & Meet Design Studio

What is your favorite thing about NYC?  The people.  It’s a big melting pot of built in entertainment people watching.

What is your favorite secret location in NYC? I love the period rooms at the Brooklyn Museum.  They have rebuilt entire homes and rooms inside the museum - it really takes you back in time and is quite surprising when you stumble upon it.  It’s also a bit strange.

Favorite food? Maine Lobster Rolls!

Favorite drink? Chardonnay 

Something about yourself that we couldn't tell by looking at you? That I am originally from a very small town in Maine.

Dream Vacation?  Right now it would be to see the Great Barrier Reef before it is gone...


  Designer,  Meet  Design Studio

Designer, Meet Design Studio

Mari and Sara have been friends since their undergratuate days at Bowdoin College.  They have collaborated on several projects and have a complete understanding of the influence of art and design on our life and work.  She brings to Meet valuable experience from a long career in the arts, starting at Sotheby's and The School of Visual Arts, and art related commerce, representing an international museum audio tour company and a premium printing paper manufacturer.  Her love of environments led her to continue her education at the New York School for Interior Design, where she earned an honors degree.  Her particular passion is workspace design, branded interiors, and experiential design.

What is your favorite secret location in NYC? The Veteran's Room designed by Louis C. Tiffany in the Park Avenue Armory in 1880. Sublime.

Favorite food? Cuban food, in particular, the Media Noche sandwich.  I am a purist, so no pulled pork hokey pokey please.  It is ham, roasted pork (slices), swiss cheese, mustard and pickles on sweet yellow bread (a long bun) pressed on a sandwich press until the bread is crispy and the cheese is soft.  If you allow the press to melt the cheese, the bread will burn.  The best ones are in Miami. 

Favorite drink?  I like beer.  Lagers.  I know it's not very highbrow or exotic.  A Stella, Carlsberg or Longboard can put a smile on my face.  But, don't get me wrong... I won't reject a flute of Kristal.

Something about yourself that we couldn't tell by looking at you? I love poetry

Dream Vacation? New Zealand 


Hailing from Houston, Texas, Deshawn Colbert joins the Meet team with a deep history of producing events and a passion for New York City. Deshawn has a diverse corporate background including sports, fashion, beauty and entertainment companies. Past clients include Weight Watchers, Nielsen, Venexiana, IOMA-Paris and Time Warner.

  Director of Meeting & Events,  Meet

Director of Meeting & Events, Meet

Deshawn provides Meet's signature quality service throughout the booking process and for day-to-day support of client meetings.  Her Southern charm and serene style will keep you calm from beginning to end.

What is your favorite thing about NYC?  My favorite thing about NYC is that there's room for innovation and tradition to coexist.  You can't find that anywhere else today.

What is your favorite secret location in NYC? My favorite secret location in NYC is Central Park.  The beauty of the park is exquisite. I love to just sit and people watch.

Favorite food? My favorite food is Mexican - true TexMex. 

Favorite drink? My favorite drink is a Carmel Martini.

Something about yourself that we couldn't tell by looking at you? I love watching I Love Lucy or Shirley Temple movies.

Dream Vacation? My dream vacation is Santorini, Greece.


Shannon Reinhardt is our outgoing Director of Sales and Marketing!  Her enthusiasm and love for people has brought even more energy to Meet!  Shannon has spent the last 5 years as a Director of Sales and Marketing for full-service Hotels in New York City and Pennsylvania.  With over 14 years of experience in sales, marketing, and event planning, she specializes in working with Corporate Meetings and Groups.  

Shannon grew up in Bucks County Pennsylvania, attended Northampton College for Hotel and Restaurant Management in Bethlehem, and started her career in the Lehigh Valley.  She moved to the Big Apple a few years ago to pursue her passion for her career and the vibrant city life!  She lives in Forest Hills Queens with her boyfriend and enjoys traveling (when she has the time).  

  Director of Sales,  Meet

Director of Sales, Meet

What is your favorite thing about NYC?  The city is a melting pot of people from every part of the world.  It is exciting to make new friends from different places and try authentic foods from anywhere in the world.  I also love that it is a very competitive market because it makes my career exciting; plus I love a challenge.

What is your favorite secret location in NYC? Am I allowed to have a couple?  I love Central Park because I am used to having nature around me so I enjoy walks through the park and climbing on the big rocks.  I also fell in love with Downtown Brooklyn when I was the Director at the Sheraton.  There is so much excitement in that growing community and a lot of culture.  I am quickly falling in love with SoHo, as I am exploring all it has to offer around our three fabulous locations.

Favorite food? I really enjoy cooking and eating!  I mainly eat chicken with vegetables, and right now I am on a kick with Indian Food.  My new favorite is Chicken Tiki Marsala.  Delicious!  

Favorite drink? Water, and I drink a lot of water.  I also really enjoy my morning coffee, green tea, and of course WINE.

Something about yourself that we couldn't tell by looking at you? Well I am a pretty open book, but I guess that I am from a small town called Perkasie in PA.  I feel like I fit better in a big city like NYC, so I am not sure you would realize I am from a little town by speaking or looking at me.   

Dream Vacation? I love to travel and hope to do more of it. My Dream Vacation would be to take a cruise around the world.  Beaches and Tropical places are usually my go to destinations! 


  Hospitality Manager,  Meet

Hospitality Manager, Meet

Raymundo joins us from Mexico, where he studied and obtained his degree in Hotel Management. After living and working for many years in Cancun and Riviera Maya in luxury hotels as a sales manager, he decided to move to NY and embark on a new personal and professional adventure. Raymundo is fluent in Spanish!

What is your favorite thing about NYC? My favorite thing is to get lost in the city and discover new places that always have been there but just a few know. I'm a foodie, so I love nice and cozy restaurants and of course going to concerts.

What is your favorite secret location in NYC? I have two - one is Toro restaurant by 10th Avenue, and the other one is Maggie Reilly's Bar just around the corner of my house.

Favorite food? Of course Spicy Mexican!! But also I love Indian food.

Favorite drink?  A good Mezcal with orange slice and wormpowder.

Something about yourself that we couldn't tell by looking at you? I'm the cookie monster! I love cookies, doughnuts, sweet rolls, cupcakes, etc.

Dream Vacation? During last year I had the opportunity to travel to several countries, but one place that I would love to go is Japan.


Gideon Pianko, a true New Yorker, joined the Meet team as an Operations Coordinator with his hardworking and friendly personality. Gideon studied technical theatre at Pace University and continued his passion for acting by becoming a part of the acting program Epic. Prior to starting at Meet, he worked in accounting for Duggal printing. 

  Operations Coordinator,  Meet

Operations Coordinator, Meet

What is your favorite thing about NYC?  I like that there are some quieter neighborhoods, all of New York is not crazy busy. The parks are so big, you can feel like you are not in the city. 

What is your favorite secret location in NYC? Central Park because it is so big that nobody can find you. 

Favorite food? I really like Turkish food.

Favorite drink? Thai iced tea.

Something about yourself that we couldn't tell by looking at you? I like to perform in plays.  

Dream Vacation? There are a few places that I would like to go... Miami, Caribbean or LA.


Caity, originally from New Orleans, joined Meet's team as our Marketing Coordinator! She studied Marketing and Art History at the University of Miami. In college she worked with the Development Team of the Miami City Ballet, before moving home after graduation to work as a Graphic Designer/Marketing Coordinator for a healthcare & wellness company.

  Marketing Coordinator,  Meet

Marketing Coordinator, Meet

What is your favorite thing about NYC? I love New York because there's an endless amount of things to do, whether it's finding new restaurants or fun places to go out.

What is your favorite secret location in NYC? My friends and I always have a great time going to Brother Jimmy's to watch Miami football games!

Favorite food? I could eat CAVA every day of the week and never get sick of it.

Favorite drink?  Mojitos

Something about yourself that we couldn't tell by looking at you? I have a dog named Riley that I adopted my senior year of college at Miami & she is the love of my life. 

Dream Vacation? I studied abroad in Australia, and had the chance to visit New Zealand for a long weekend. I loved it there and I'm dying to go back.

Meet Our NYU Interns


  Intern,  Meet

Intern, Meet

What is your favorite thing about NYC?  Being from Vancouver, BC, where everything is closed by 8PM…. I love that there is always something to do at any time!

What is your favorite secret location in NYC? Prospect Park in Brooklyn. Again, I’m from Vancouver, where nature is so easily accessible. Prospect Park is the place I go to feel at home :)

Favorite food? I love all types of Asian cuisine. Thai, Indian, Chinese, Taiwanese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean, there are just never ending mouthwatering options.

Favorite drink? Ginger ale for sure.

Something about yourself that we couldn't tell by looking at you? I am a grandma at heart, I like to be in bed by 10PM most nights and enjoy nights binge watching Netflix more than anything.

Dream Vacation? Honestly, I want to travel all over the world because I find each country and culture so fascinating, one of the reasons I majored in Hospitality and Tourism!



  Intern,  Meet

Intern, Meet

What is your favorite thing about NYC?  It is difficult to become stagnant when you are centered in a city that is constantly changing. I appreciate how New York’s continuous development motivates me to progress beyond the limits of my comfort zone.

What is your favorite secret location in NYC? Mercer Playground, a smaller park just a few minutes away from Washington Square, is a sometimes forgotten, but always reliable place to relax and escape the rush of the city.

Favorite food? Moving to New York taught me the value of a good, home-cooked meal. These days, any Indian dish my mother cooks is my new favorite.

Favorite drink? I can’t resist a chai latte.

Something about yourself that we couldn't tell by looking at you? I have been listening to rap and hip-hop since the sixth grade; I admire the intricacy of the beats and the layered meanings behind the lyrics.

Dream Vacation? I began painting and researching art when I was very young, so I would love to go on an art tour of Italy and France to see some of the works that I have admired and been inspired by my whole life.




  Intern,  Meet

Intern, Meet

What is your favorite thing about NYC?  My favorite thing about NYC is that everyone is so different, yet they all share this one place that somehow caters to their needs.

What is your favorite secret location in NYC? The Fort Greene neighborhood of Brooklyn, the brownstones and architecture are truly beautiful. The area is peaceful and the Pratt Institute’s sculpture park is a great place to escape to.

Favorite food? I’m from Chicago, so Chicago deep dish pizza will always be my favorite.

Favorite drink? My favorite drinks are no sugar cranberry juice and lemon water.

Something about yourself that we couldn't tell by looking at you? I’ve hiked Table Mountain in Cape Town and I’ve met Michelle Obama at the White House.

Dream Vacation? I would love to visit the Maldives, or take a boat trip around the south of France.







  Intern,  Meet

Intern, Meet

What is your favorite thing about NYC? The diversity of NYC is my favorite thing about this city. People, culture, food….everything is diverse and you can always find something new and interesting.

What is your favorite secret location in NYC? Washington Square Park, because I’m an NYU student and it is near our campus. I enjoy the time sitting around the fountain, watching people passing by and having fun in the park. It’s just so relaxing, especially when the weather is nice.

Favorite food? All kinds of Asian Cuisine, and desserts. I love desserts so much!!!

Favorite drink? Milk tea/bubble tea.

Something about yourself that we couldn't tell by looking at you? I love playing online video games like League of Legends, Overwatch and Players Unknown Battlegrounds!

Dream Vacation? I’ve been to a lot of places and different countries. Japan is nice. London is pretty. Paris is romantic. Thailand is relaxing...I don’t think I can choose a specific one. I love traveling! I would say my dream vacation is to travel around the world.



  Intern,  Meet

Intern, Meet

What is your favorite thing about NYC?  You never run out of things to do, places to explore, and new people to meet.

What is your favorite secret location in NYC? The rooftop lounge in my apartment. It’s always empty, so it’s quiet all the time. It’s on the fiftieth floor with floor to ceiling window, so the view is gorgeous, especially when the weather is nice.

Favorite food? My favorite food would be Chinese and Korean food in general. It’s really hard for me to pick one favorite food because to me they are all good.

Favorite drink? Water. It is healthy and has zero calories.

Something about yourself that we couldn't tell by looking at you? I love love love love love cats!

Dream Vacation? On a private island with best friends, good food, water sports, and books.







  Intern,  Meet

Intern, Meet

What is your favorite thing about NYC? There is culture everywhere you look in this city! Whether I'm noticing gorgeous building facades on my way to class or going to museums that hold priceless and influential art works, there is something new to appreciate in this city everyday.

What is your favorite secret location in NYC? While it may not be so secret, I love running on the East River Greenway on weekend afternoons. There are always people out biking, walking their dogs, or even playing quidditch in the athletic fields!

Favorite food? Pad Thai with a squeeze of a lime wedge on top.

Favorite drink? Coffee with a splash of half and half-- I couldn't live without it.

Something about yourself that we couldn't tell by looking at you? I spent six years of my life abroad in Italy, Belgium, and Russia.

Dream Vacation? I've always wanted to visit Thailand! It's such a beautiful country that I would love to explore one day.