Off-site Meetings downtown NYC

Unique Design Perspective

Our design results in the highest level of functionality in an inspirational setting.

Authentic Art

Curated by Wooster Collective, Meet spaces are filled with pieces from Contemporary Urban Street Arts bringing a human feel to the space sparking discussion and inspiration.

Cultural Events

By always including unique and compelling programming and creating a culture of learning, Meet spaces become the ideal platform for learning to take place.

Service Culture

Our professional team anticipates your needs to produce a seamless and successful meeting.

Unique Food Offerings

We know that the breaks our guests have from a day of meetings are centered around having a coffee break or meals. We’ve curated menues from the best restaurants in NYC so you can serve fabulous food.

Community Engagement

Opening the space to the community activates it and generates buzz. Activation makes Meet spaces ones that people want to come and see and stay.